Fashionable Armor That Shields the Body From The Harmful Effects of Everyday Technology

At Silver Affect, we take pride in our high-quality and most effective EMF & RF Shielding Techwear Gear.  

Our mission is to reduce radiation exposure from wireless devices, promoting a safer and healthier tech-driven lifestyle.

Introducing our Capsule Collection - High-tech EMF & RF Shielding T-Shirt & Balaclava, where the fusion of sustainable fashion and wellness comes to life.

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The Ultimate Power of Silver

It's pure science! Sustainable garments made of soft pure silver metal that shields radiation emitted by wireless devices and creates an antimicrobial barrier. 

Silver Affect 

EMF & RF Shielding T-Shirt

Silver Affect 

EMF & RF Shielding Balaclava

Garments That Shield Your Body From RF and EMF Wavelengths

As technology becomes an integral part of our lives, it undoubtedly brings convenience. However, it also poses potential health risks.

High levels of EMF emission have been linked to blood cell calcification, hindering vital nutrient distribution throughout the body.

This widespread concern is validated by hundreds of Doctors and Scientists, who highlight the increasing prevalence of EMF-Hypersensitivity, particularly in areas with 5G, the advertised 5th Generation of wireless connectivity."


The Classic T-Shirt & Balaclava


Made with a special blend of natural modal fibers and super soft lightweight Shieldex® Pure Silver Plated Nylon Yarn.


✅ Super Soft and lightweight 

✅ 99.9% Pure Silver in each garment creates an Antimicrobial barrier 

✅ ​Improves blood cell circulation in high EMF emission environments

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Silver Affect wardrobe keeps the human species shielded while in high levels of EMF emission

Health is the new Wealth, and it is our responsibility to stay aware of the invisible harm around us. We not only provide stylish, functional and comfortable wardrobe made from pure silver metal that is scientifically proven to shield EMF emission, we also provide the latest updates on Industry news. 

Become the first to join our community of Fashion forward, Health conscious, Technology Enthusiasts who care about the long-term health of the human species. 

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ALL garments (no matter the brand), made with conductive metals lose shielding strength after it's washed 150+ times. We want to ensure everyday users have a pipeline of EMF protective undergarments that maintain effectiveness. 

Items purchased are eligible for a 'USED-RETURN' after 1 year from delivery date. We will cover the return shipping costs and give a 35%+ discount on a replacement item within the same category. 

We recycle all fabric and extract the Silver metal for re-use.  Your purchase has an exceptionally low Carbon Footprint! 

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!